Voice Control for WMS

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About Customer

Customer is multinational company established in 1885, headquartered in the USA. They work in various industries: Aerospace, Construction, Security, etc.



Customer is building an application for warehouse management by using their device (Talk-man) to collect data, which is then processed by the Warehouse Management System, visualised into charts, reports. The system therefrom sends alerts to assigned roles to inform in cases of abnormality



GITS Solutions

• We provide a team of Senior Developers and Solution Architects that join customer-side engineers to execute the project.
• The project consists of several teams in different locations (the US, Mexico, Poland and Vietnam). GITS team managed to set up face-to-face conversations in details. with the equipment team (American & Mexican team). The equipment was taken care of by the American team & Mexican team, while GITS was in charge of the application (auxiliary, front).

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