Product Quality Monitoring System

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About Customer

Customer is a leading Korean provider of measurement-based inspection equipment and solutions, performing quality control and process optimisation in various industries: smart devices, automotive electronics, telecommunications, military, healthcare, and semiconductor.
Customer requires an application that provides visualised monitoring results from production lines of PCB (Printed circuit boards), providing a comprehensive overview on production efficiency, highlighting defects for quick improvements.



• Customer requires a technology solution for the entire system, i.e. quality inspection over production lines and analysis-integrated management system. The system must process requirements in real time so as to support prompt decision-making.
• Customer is short on IT human resources and budget, making it difficult to take advantage of in-house resources/domestic vendors

PRODUCT quality monitoring system


GITS Solutions

GITS consults customer to design and implement in 2 main parts as below:

  • Desktop application running on inspection machines: The machines take high-resolution pictures, analysing them and displaying quality inspection result for each PCB, then transmitting data to server for factory monitoring system.
  • Monitoring system developed based on Web Platform: Displaying visualisation of quality for each production line/factory, supporting decision-making on improvement and optimisation

GITS also sends a suitable team to work with customer’s in-house engineers during development and maintenance, so as to optimise development costs and ensure smooth operation.

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