Devices Monitoring System

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About Customer

The client is a precision equipment manufacturer headquartered in Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Prefecture. We mainly manufacture and sell computer peripherals.
The client wants to develop a system that collects information from computer peripherals, including monitors, hard drives, USB drives, and other devices. The information collected includes information about errors during use, power consumption, and parameters set by the user during use, such as screen brightness. Additionally, this system can also update new firmware for your device. Administrators can choose to update many devices at the same time.


GITS Solutions

Our development scope consists of two parts.

  • WINDOW service: Collects information from computer peripherals and sends it to the cloud. At the same time, the service receives commands from the cloud to adjust device settings or download and update new firmware.
  • Supervisory control system: Developed based on cloud/web technology. Using the data sent from the devices, the system helps administrators monitor in real-time and visualize the data through charts. This allows administrators to remotely send commands to devices.


  • Application on desktop:C/C++, C#, WPF, WMI, AWS SDK
  • Cloud/Web:NodeJS Express, React-JS, AWS (IoT Hub, Device Shadow, Lambda etc)

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