Nursing care plus home system

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About Customer

The customer is a company that specializes in manufacturing devices that track patient health status. Shereve is a product line that includes specialized diapers and sensors to collect information such as a patient’s urine and body temperature. From this product, customers want to develop further features to create a comprehensive solution for care plus home use.

GITS’s Solutions

Our development scope consists of three parts. 

  1. Cloud: Collects and stores information from “Shereve”.
  2. Application for Nurse (mobile app): Application for home care staff to receive information about patients. At the same time, this staff member updates information with the home care agency after the patient’s care is complete.
  1. Monitoring System for Admin (Web app): The web application is aimed at managers of home care support businesses and allows them to monitor patient conditions and send requests to home care staff at the same time.


  • Application on Mobile:Flutter
  • Cloud/Web:AWS, Nodejs, Reactjs

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