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About Customer

The customer is a Japanese company that provides refrigerated cargo services. To minimize losses during transportation, customers request the development of a system that can monitor conditions during shipping. Sensors detect temperature, humidity, pressure, light, and shock to monitor the surrounding environment during transportation. Critical data is monitored in real-time, uploaded to a blockchain network that maintains high security standards, and displayed on a dashboard.


GITS’s Solutions

Our development scope consists of two parts.

  1. Conditions Monitoring (Mobile app): Collects information from sensors and sends it to the cloud. At the same time, it also includes a screen to monitor cargo environmental data in real time.
  2. Delivery Quality Report: Developed based on cloud/web technology. Includes the ability to visualize mailing quality and send alerts to managers using data sent from sensors in the cargo environment.



  • Application on Tablet:Android
  • Cloud/Web:AWS, Nodejs, Reactjs

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