Warehouse management system: raw materials and spare parts

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About Customer

The client is a heavy industry that manufactures and assembles parts and accessories.The client needed a digital system to control warehouses, incoming shipments, work-in-progress, and finished products. Existing manual processes involved lots of time-consuming paperwork and searching for physical objects, resulting in low productivity and lack of management insight.1500+ SKUs under management 1000+ transactions per day


GITS’s Solutions

  • Analyze and create system model and development roadmap.
  • Created new formulas to create automatic LOTID/serial numbers and manage specific objects in the warehouse.
  • Divide the warehouse structure into four levels, each serving its own specific purpose.
  • Warehouse → storage shelf → rack → bin PDA
  • Use Laser QR Code Reader, Laser QR Code Printer to mark a specific object with his LOT ID or serial number.
  • Mapping LOT/Serial Number to each Stock Out/Stock In document
  • Quantity calculations and locations based on lot quantities or specific serial numbers are saved.
  • FIFO with eviction strategy applied


Main Function

PDA device:

  • code management
  • transaction execution
  • Adjustment
  • IQC management

PC Device (Web Application)

  • Master data configuration
  • Transaction management
  • Notification 
  • Approval flow on-hand balance
  • Dashboard report

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