About customer

Customer is a subsidiary to a Japanese Heavy Industry Group, strategically located in the growth region of South East Asia – Hanoi, Vietnam. With more than 1,076,391 ft2 of land in the industrial park, the plant supplements their supply chain by ensuring steady supply of small gear motors and electric motors to their sales and assembly facilities around the world.

Customer requires a system to manage the entire production process: from procurement, warehousing, processing, assembly to quality management.
Customer also asks for product traceability function throughout production stages. The system needs to integrate with other external systems: PLC, parent company’s ERP, etc.



• Management by unproductive manual processes (e.g. MS Excel), resulting in discontinuous information flow between production stages

• No description documents available on the current operation system and software, requiring investigation and assessment before deploying a new one


GITS Solutions

GITS suggests dividing the project into 2 phases:

1- Business Analysis & Specification Definition

In this phase, GITS BA investigate production workflows and define which should be processed by software and which by manual or existing tools/systems.

2 – Development

From the output of 1st phase, GITS executes development, deployment and supports golive (together with customer’s IT department). GITS proposes a solution integrating with Barcode/QR Code Devices APIs to collect data for traceability functions.